Production technology

Polish production of metal boxes and cabinets

Top quality products

All our products are made of the best quality materials. Based on the experience gained in metalworking, we have prepared an offer for various products. The use of modern technologies and highly qualified staff enable us to constantly develop. In our production processes we use only the highest quality raw materials and components, and the advanced technological level ensures reliability, durability and aesthetics of the offered products.

Machine Park

TEIRA uses fully automated equipment in the development of products. Thanks to this, we can constantly develop and introduce new products.

  • Automatic Bending Center
  • Fiber laser cutters
  • Automatic punching machines for flat sheets
  • Manual press brakes
  • Induction welding machines
  • Automatic powder coating line

Experience • Knowledge • Technology

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the flagship products of our company.

Selected products of our offer

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