Long mailbox SZ

Correspondence is thrown by shorter edge (the depth of mailbox about 37cm).

The dimensions of the module (mailboxes for single accommodation)
the width of the module 255 mm
the height of the module 105 mm
the depth 370 mm
The capacity let you to place the correspondence in the mailbox format C4 for three times. (the envelope containing the format A4) of a 20mm depth

Symbol numbers specify the number of apartments that are supported by the mailbox
Example: SZs 4 – mailbox for 4 apartments

  • 0.8 mm stainless steel sheet option I
  • 1mm painted steel sheet, option II
Interior and housing:
  • 1mm steel sheet, powder coated depending on the color of the cage according to the RAL color palette
Speculum business card holder security:
  • for checking that the box is filled with correspondence
  • to put the apartment number
  • a lock with a very low repeatability of 1: 500 was used, provided with a set of keys (2 pcs.)
  • the design of the box prevents the removal of correspondence by unwanted persons
szer. A wys. B głęb. C
SZ 3255 mm310 mm370 mm
SZ 4255 mm420 mm370 mm
SZ 5255 mm530 mm370 mm
SZ 6255 mm640 mm370 mm
SZ 7255 mm750 mm370 mm
SZ 8255 mm860 mm370 mm
Powder coated boxes use ONLY inside buildings, outside we sell storage boxes made of H18 stainless steel.
The boxes are not waterproof.

Module dimensions:
width 255 mm
height 105 mm
depth 370 mm

The capacity enables three times an A4 mailbox with a thickness of 20 mm to be placed in a mailbox.
Models SZ 3, SZ 4, SZ 5, SZ 6 - that is, 3, 4, 5, 6-module boxes, correspondence is placed with the shorter edge of the parcel.


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